Delta R – Item Scanner


People handling explosives are likely to spread trace to hand-carried objects and touch points. By screening these point for trace proper assessment can be carried out to determine whether this person requires further screening.

With other technologies, such as ETD, these first assessments can be costly and cumbersome. Due to the highly sensitive, non-invasive and real-time nature of the Delta R Technology screening 100% becomes is timesaving and cost efficient process.

The Delta R Item Scanner is capable of identifying trace of explosives on presented items; think of cellphones, keys, wallet, passport. The process is very fast and straightforward:

Step 1: Open the drawer and place hand-carried items;

Step 2: Close the drawer for immediate analyzation;

Step 3: Open the drawer again and take out your items.

The Delta R Item Scanner can be deployed anywhere to preference, within and outside aviation security. The highly sensitive nature also makes the Delta R Item Scanner ideal for alarm resolution on items that stay in pockets during passenger screening or small items with EDS alert.

Interesting to learn more about Delta R Item Scanner? We happily tell you more our technology and product including the costs and benefits.

Operational Statistics:

Throughput: >8 passengers / min

False alarm rate: <10%

Additional operators: none

Integrable: Yes – open for integration with existing systems.

Availability: > 99%

No bake-out time / calibration after alarm.