Delta R – Shoe Scanner


Screening shoes for explosives can be a cumbersome process where passengers have to take of their shoes and agents experience increased workload. With the current methods and technologies in place it is impossible to screen 100% of the passenger shoes without having a major impact on the process in throughput and costs.

The Delta R Shoe Scanner is an optical detection technology that:

  • screens 100% of passenger shoes as a walkthrough instrument, minimizing process time;
  • is highly sensitive detecting substance trace with real-time result (<0.05 seconds);
  • increases the efficiency whilst fitting seamless into the operation.

The patented Delta R technology uses light and optics to measure the presence of illicit material on surfaces. The technology by nature is capable of screening large numbers of passengers in a relative short amount of time. (>8 pax/min, no bake out time or calibration after alarm).

Interested to learn how the Delta R could improve current throughput levels and reduce security costs? We are happy to go over our modelling tool to give a fair image of how the Delta R fits into your process along with its costs and benefits.

Operational Statistics:

Throughput: >8 passengers / min

False alarm rate: <10%

Integrable: Yes – open for integration with existing systems.

Availability: > 99%

No bake-out time / calibration after alarm.