Dirt Defence Filter


Dirt defence filters are designed to remove fine solids such as rust, sand and other particulates efficiently and continuously from aviation fuel.

FAUDI Aviation dirt defence filters, both 2in and 6in, are qualified according to specification EI 1599, 2nd Edition. They are an economical and reliable alternative to filter monitor elements eliminating the associated SAP* (Super Absorbent Polymer) problem. They are intended specifically for retrofit into filter monitor vessels. Dirt defence filter must be used in conjunction with a qualified EI 1598 water sensor, e.g. AFGUARD®.

Application areas: Refuellers, hydrant dispensers, other mobile refuelling units

  • Nominal filtration: Acc. to EI 1599, 2nd Ed.
  • Flow direction: Out-to-in
  • Change-out differential pressure: 1,5 bar (22 psi)
  • Maximum pressure differential rating: 12 bar (175 psi)
  • Service time (max.): Max. 60 months
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C (-22°F) to +80 °C (+176°F)
  • No SAP migration