Distribution pillars


Distribution pillars of the S-50 series are a stationary AC power supply units  220, 380V 50Hz and special currents 115/200V 400Hz and 28.5 at the aircraft parking.

Output 220/380 V, 50 Hz: up to 4 channels 16A, 2 channels 63A, 2 channels up to 125A, 2 channels up to 250A

Special currents 400Hz up to 2 channels 115/200V (90kVA each) 2 channels with 115V output 1 channel 36 V with output power up to 15 kVA

Special currents 28.5V up to 2 channels 28V with an output rated current of 600/800A

Distribution pillars can be equipped with a remote control, meters, heating system.