Dock Leveller, Truck Docks


We can install and service all types of Dock levellers. We can provide a pre- planned maintenance service and call out cover in case of emergencies. We have experience with swing or hinge lip Dock Levellers also telescopic and extended lip dock levellers.

Tuck Docks- We can install, maintain and refurbish all types of truck docks. Also put in place an excellent pre planned maintenance schedule that will reduce breakdowns and provide a fast response callout when needed.
If you have an old Truck dock we can refurbish and bring up to the current regulations or we can arrange and install a new system, We can integrate them into a fully automated system if needed.

Swing or hinge lip Dock levellers, Telescopic or extended lip dock levellers, manual mini ramp, bump stops, traffic lights, lorry guides

Truck Docks –
10ft, 15ft or 20ft Truck docks for 508 to ground level systems, motor powered roller deck, ball matt deck, castor deck, operator platform, heavy duty rising roller, weighing system can be added, winch and various safety features.