Solid appearance, manoeuvrable and safe: all features of the Eurosprinter, offering passengers optimum convenience and safety as they transport their luggage on escalators.

  • Solid appearance, manoeuvrable
  • Maximum comfort when transporting on escalators
  • Automatic braking upon nesting

Luggage is transported safely when using escalators, on a virtually horizontal loading area when using escalators. (images 2 & 3)

Low wear
Minimal castor wear when pushing or pulling nested trolleys as a result of the brake release feature. (images 4 & 5)

Airport Scooter
Nested trolleys are easily pushed and pulled along. (image 6)

Plastic profiles
Provide additional protection for the against damage to interior décor against damage. (image 7)

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Static/dynamic load capacity 500/250 kg
Nesting depth 330 mm
Weight 41 kg
Advertising space 2,030 cm² / 874 799.2 in²
Castor wheels 2 fixed castors/1 double swivel castor
Castors Ø 200 mm rear / 180 mm front
Material Steel, galvanised chrome
Finish transparent, polyester-coated
Alternative material Electro-polished stainless steel
Automatic brake self-adjusting
Load on escalators/max. inclination 80 kg/30°
Options Adapter for vending unit
Coin deposit system