EXIT - Hinged door


EXIT is a one or two-leaf hinged door consisting of mono-structural SUPERTHERMIC panels

Opening with one or two leaves, black aluminium perimeter frame, paintable on request, designed for quick installation. Possibility of inserting inspection windows or ventilation grilles

Note: the SUPERTHERMIC EXIT hinged door is also available in the evolved ISOMAX thermal break version with height limitations ( see ›› )


SUPERTHERMIC insulated industrial doors adapt to many customizations, for every type of installation and architectural style  ››

Robust and with high thermal insulation. The SUPERTHERMIC line optimally combines energy-saving and safety requirements. The multiple configuration options and type of opening allow optimizing the available spaces without neglecting the simplicity of use for the operators.


Max. height: 3000 mm with 55 mm thick panel
Single leaf width: 1450 mm
Configuration: 1 or 2 leaves
Sheet metal coating: 0.8 mm smooth; 0.5 mm stucco embossed
Panel: flat or staved 160 mm pitch
Insulation:  complete self-extinguishing Class B2 CFC-free (Chlorine, Fluoride, Carbides) polyurethane insulation. High-pressure foaming cycle with minimum density > 40 Kg/m3
Perimeter frame:  black aluminium (can be painted on request)
Application:  internal, external, in-wall
Opening:  180° rotation
Closing system:  
– standard one-point lock with handles.
– optional triple built-in lock
– optional panic bar

– inspection windows and ventilation grilles  

CE marking data:
– wind load resistance, class 4  (Kg 100/mq; approx. 140 Km/h)
– average thermal transmittance, 1.78 W/m2 K
– average noise reduction, 22 dB
– fire resistance, B-S1, d0

Staved panel (vertical ribs, 160 mm pitch)
– Smooth sheet metal: white RAL 9002, grey RAL 9006, green RAL 6005, blue RAL 5010, red RAL 3000, brown RAL 8019, grey RAL 7016, Wood tone SL65
– Embossed sheet metal: white RAL 9002, grey RAL 9006, green RAL 6005.
Painting in the other RAL colours available on request.