Flex Pit Multi Functional Ground Pit


These pits combine the rotating flap and the elevating system to bring all connections above ground at user’s level. Once connected, the pits can be closed to avoid unnecessary hurdles around the aircraft.

Their modular design caters for all types of connections:
– 400 Hz, 28 VDC
– 50 Hz/60 Hz one or three phases, from 16 up to 250 A
– Compressed air, fanning air, water
– Others: computer network, earthing cable winder, etc…
The flap opening is only assisted by counterweights without any gas spring or electric actuator.

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Dimensions on the ground: 1810 x 990 mm
Maximum total weight: 1200 kg
Materials: Structure hot dip galvanized iron, components stainless steel and aluminum, anti-skid plates aluminum
Opening assisted by counterweights
Size of the connectors holding plate: 720 x 570 mm
Aircraft cable divider (for multiple aircraft connections)

• Sump pump in the pit
• Emergency shut off
• On/Off remote control box for the 400 Hz power supply
• Switch for working in closed position only
• Manhole, ladder and inner lighting
• Flashing lamp in open position
• Explosion proof components