FLITE Modular Seating System


As passenger numbers increase, the need to provide a higher quantity of seats in existing gate rooms is now a priority. Closely collaborating with industry architects, operators and specifiers, OMK has recently launched a new FLITE system to the market to fulfil the requirements for high-density lounge seating.

FLITE offers a 10% increase in seating capacity over alternative products, creating a low-cost yet robust seat with a tighter footprint and the rolled front and back panels eliminates the problems of accidental impact injuries.

The new range is created as a high-density seating solution for next-generation super jumbo aircraft such as the A380.

The minimalist structure uses a single support bracket and identical-injection, moulded, self-skinned polyurethane seat and back panels available in any RAL colour.

This simple concept offers advantages for in-house maintenance both in terms of cleaning and easy replacement of individual panels.

The entire unit may be assembled in minutes using a single tool.


  • Guaranteed against structural failure for a minimum of 25 years.
  • Has been independently tested by FIRA to withstand 25 years of heavy contract use in accordance with BS EN 15373.
  • Metal components are finished for interior and exterior use and are UV stable.
  • All components can be coloured to any RAL colour.
  • Has been tested to and exceed the fire-rating requirements set out in BS5852 crib source 0, 1 and 5 and are approved for use in public waiting areas.

Fire Resistance

All seating products and tables supplied by OMK have been tested to and exceed the fire-rating requirements set out by British Standard BS5852 crib source 0, 1 and 5 and are approved for use in public waiting areas.

Key Design Features

  • FLITE incorporates 30 years of experience in the public seating sector, designed to maximise space the small footprint offers 10% more seating over other systems.
  • A minimalist structure utilises a single bracket supporting 2 independent identical seat and back panels allowing either to be easily replaced in situ in the event of damage without the necessity to replace or repair the whole seat.
  • A gap between the seat and back eliminates dirt accumulation and allows any spilt liquids to drain immediately.
  • Seat and back panels are identical minimising the number of components and making it easy to stock spare parts.
  • Rounded edges eliminate the problems of accidental impact injuries.
  • All panels are interchangeable allowing in-house maintenance staff to easily change the specification should future passenger profiles change.
  • Armrests may be added or subtracted as they are not integral to the seat and the fixings remain common on all beam configurations.
  • Injection moulded polyurethane panels are formed around an integral steel sheet and self-coloured throughout.
  • Tables are double sided allowing them to be reversed in the event of surface damage and incorporate through fixings to facilitate this.
  • Components can be removed, added and transferred making the units easily reconfigurable.