GDP 400 - 400 HZ Mobile Converter


These converters, especially useful for remote parking places, can be delivered in different powers and can integrate 28VDC power supply.

The trailer has been developed for an intensive use on very busy international airports and include all safety devices (night positioning lights, mechanical safety devices) to avoid risks of accident with the people and the vehicles.

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• Height: 1700 mm
• Length: 2500 mm
• Width: 1530 mm
• Total weight: approx. 800 kg (depending on version)
Available versions:
400 Hz, 90 KVA,120, 150 or 180 KVA• 28vdC, 600A in option (for the 90 KVA version)
• Standard aircraft cable length: 15 m
• Standard 50 hz power supply cable length: 15 m
• Metallic coated steel, epoxy painted