HI-SCAN 6040aTiX - X-ray inspection system


HI-SCAN 6040aTiX is an advanced multi-view X-ray system for the automatic detection of solid and liquid explosives in cabin baggage.

The detection performance of HI-SCAN 6040aTiX is far superior to other automatic systems, including lower false-alarm rates. Using advanced computer technologies, complex analyses can be carried out in real-time, maximising baggage throughput without hampering normal checkpoint procedures.

The two detailed views support the quick and reliable evaluation process.

It was the industry’s first system to achieve ECAC LEDS Type C Standard 2 certification for screening of liquids, and has since gained LEDS Type C Standard 3 as well as EDS CB C1 and C2 for cabin baggage.

Feature Highlights

  • Zeff and density analysis using multiple independent views
  • Proven, ergonomic operating concept
  • Multi-view technology provides high-resolution, detailed images
  • X-ray generator with optimized spectrum
  • High-resolution XADA sensor technology
  • ECAC certified