High Pressure Vehicle



A vortex of air and water equivalent to a category 4 cyclone storm is created and controlled from the operator’s seat, allowing maximum results on a variety of surfaces – concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, athletic running tracks and more.

The cleaning head features 2 high-pressure water nozzles and 8 turbine blades that rotate at high speed. The continuous air movement creates lift that recovers water while removing dirt and debris.

The swirling vortex of air and waste water further scours the surface – resulting in an exceptionally deep clean in a single pass.

Waste water is flung by the air movement into a holding tank, where it is then

pumped into the water reclaim tank – completing the waste water recovery process without a vacuum system.

An on-board multi-stage filtration system, standard on the CY5500, cleans and recycles the recovered waste water – extending run-time and further reducing water consumption.

Cyclone Technology’s non-vacuum design means less maintenance and lower annual fuel cost; resulting in a faster return on investment.

  • Vacuum free, built-in recovery/recycling with a multi-stage filtration system.
  • Chemical free – allows deep impact cleaning with the use of only water and heat.
  • Multi-patented Cyclone head provides easy one-pass cleaning for increased efficiency.
  • Greatly increased productivity and the ability to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to clean large spaces.

Operator Cab Style: Enclosed cab design with heater and air conditioning

Cleaning Path: 0,86m consistently cleaned

Water Pump: Triplex plunger capable of 297 bar at 19 LPM (optional 379 bar)

Output Pressure: Infinitely variable 83 bar – 297 bar (optional 379 bar)

Cleaning and Recovery Head: Hydraulically powered, cast aluminium 1,02m diameter with protective shield – patented design

Water Heating System: Electronically fired, inline diesel powered heater with 240,000 BTU/hr output

Filtration System: Multi-stage filtration system consisting of two 75 µm and two 30 µm washable/reusable filter elements, each with 1,500in2. of filtration surface area

Water Tanks: 1,476 L combination supply and recovery tank that recycles and reuses water in continuous cycle. Easy fill and clean out design

Cleaning Attachments: Standard model includes high pressure curb and gutter cleaning system and high pressure cleaning wand system with 7.6m of hose with reel

Steering: Front wheel steering with hydraulic power assist

Drive System: Two (2) speed hydrostatic system provides accurate speed control at cleaning speeds. Maximum transport speed of 17.7km/h. Power delivered to front wheels

Controls: All cleaning actions controlled from operator seat with ergonomic operator interface

Brakes: Rear heavy duty automotive style 0.28m hydraulic drum brake with additional hand lever actuated parking brake

Fuel Tank: 68 L

Engine: Kubota liquid cooled turbo diesel tier 4 emissions that meets US EPA emission standards under 40 CFR 1039.625, CA Code of regulations title 13, section 2423, and EU IIIB directive 1011/88/EU

Sound Level: Without Noise Reduction Kit (Standard): 84 dB A. With Noise Reduction Kit: 81 dB A

Gradeability: 20%

Productivity: Up to 1,858m2/per hour

Run Time: Up to 5 hours (application-dependent)

Weight: Empty: 2,667 kg Full: 4,142 kg

Dimensions: 3.900mm x 1.400mm x 1.900mm