HumanDisBox PRO



First module equipment:

Sanitizing polyurethane carpet – antiseptic treated shoe disinfection mat. Dimensions: 50*100*3 cm. Any disinfectant agent intended for these purposes can be used in accordance with the product instructions.

  • Contactless body temperature measuring;
  • Motion detector;
  • Overhead illumination;
  • Electric automated equipment;
  • Sensor-type hands sanitizer;

Second module equipment:

  • Transparent polyurethane curtains from both sides;
  • Fog generator of continuous heating (1200 W) with 20 l tank for disinfectant agent;
  • Overhead illumination.
  • Corridor floor: wearproof commercial grade linoleum
  • Removable caster wheels for moving

On the outside the passage has LED illumination; custom branding is possible

Dimensions: 2000*2000*1200 mm

Weight: 200 kg