Hygiene360 is the future of washroom and cleanliness management.

Like traditional hygiene monitors, Hygiene360 can display a countdown to the next cleaning due time, but it also features shift management and real-time alerts. Our dynamic routelist ensures staff are sent to the places requiring the most attention, while the checklist ensures everything that needs doing is covered. Our enhanced customer feedback means that you can find out what people thought of the facilities, and most importantly, why.

Issues can be raised by customers and by staff. Customers can report cleanliness issues or problems with the facilities – and each report is flagged up to the appropriate staff. Problem with the hand dryer? This will be reported to the maintenance contact. Issue with cleanliness? This will be reported to the cleaning supervisor to ensure a swift response. Staff issues are also directed to the appropriate contact. What may now be a quick conversation in the corridor about a broken toilet seat, which can easily be forgotten, is now a record in the Hygiene360 system to be addressed.

All of these features are managed via the Hygiene management portal giving you complete control. Don’t want the countdown? You can switch that off. Want to see simple customer feedback ratings and nothing else? You can switch off the enhanced feedback options. Hygiene360 may be a powerful tool, but the cleaning portal is as clear and simple as it can be meaning staff can easily navigate the system.

The portal features real-time data, with alert management built in so you can easily resolve issues as they are raised. You’ll receive a summary email each day with a round-up of data for the previous day, and you can create reports for any time period, any operator and any monitor location at any time.

Our goal is clear: to revolutionise washroom cleanliness up and down the country. We’re already well on our way: as the producer of the Hygiene Monitor, we have years of experience in this field, and we’re determined to continue to produce innovative approaches to washroom management.

  • Wifi and LTE enabled
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Coated, Zintec Steel housing, 360mm x 240mm x 45mm.
  • PIR footfall sensor