Minerva Ajax


The Minerva Ajax system, similar to Minerva Air, has been developed to operate in higher noise environments, as utilising the mouth shield reduces the effect of background noise.

The specialised mouth piece comes on a quick release lanyard that will be placed around the user’s neck and hang on the chest for quick and easy access to communicate. A momentary mic (PTT) button has been placed onto the mouth shield.

The Ajax headset will still provide the ability to perform full wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks whilst retaining freedom of movement and communications to the pilot.

Utilising a splitter cable during these types of operations enables more users to communicate, for example, giving an instructor the ability to listen only or have the same capability as the remaining users. This will still allow for 150 metre range.

  • 150m wireless range
  • 27dB noise protection
  • 24hour battery life
  • Latch and PTT function integrated to mic shield
  • Option for multiple users
  • Option for radio interface
  • Point to point contact with airplane intercom
  • Reliable and robust system