Mobile 400Hz Military Ground Power Unit (Diesel Engine Driven for Military Aircraft from 90 to 180 kVA


GUINAULT has been manufacturing Ground Power Units for the Aviation Industry for more than 70 years (1949). Today, GUINAULT is recognized

as a leading solution provider for Military Air Forces especially thanks to its robust GPU fully compliant with all military standards

and combining high efficiency and reliability using :

High performances:

– Permanent current

– Peak current

– Voltage Transients

– Frequency Transients

Reliability and robustness:

– DEUTZ (90kVA / 140kVA) CUMMINS engine (180kVA)

– GUINAULT Alternator and electrical regulation

– Electrical enclosure made of stainless steel as per MIL-STD-461 / 464

– The in-house designed and built Electronic Control System to withstand extreme conditions : (Sandy/dusty wind, humid and corrosive atmosphere.)

– Reduced noise level though monoblock mounts flapping polyester canopy.

– Full anti-corrosion protection: polyester canopy, plastic fuel

tank and electro-galvanized steel chassis for long term utilization

– Air transportable reinforced chassis

Easy to Use:

– Excellent manoeuvrability due to reduced dimensions / weight and the leading front axle with ball bearing for low turning radius (= wheel base)

– Control panel with clear indication and robust switches

– Easy access for maintenance:

  • Possibility to uncover entirely the device by swinging the canopy and opening the rear panel

– Reducing of the Total Cost Ownership:

  • Optimized fuel consumption due to the excellent efficiency of the alternator
  • Low cost of spare parts due to the choice of standard components as much as possible


– The GPU guarantees an adapted power supply for numerous types of military aircrafts thanks to the high temporary overloads tolerated by the alternator and the Simultaneous Dual-Voltage operation possible for 400Hz and 28Vdc OUTPUTS

Complies with applicable standards in force:

– IATA AHM 972 / IATA AHM 910 / IATA AHM 972 / SAE ARP 5015E / …

– Directives 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) and descendent norms such as EN 12312-20:2005+A1:2009, EN 1915-1:2013, EN 1915-2:2001+A1:2009, EN 1915-4:2004+A1:2009 / …

The GUINAULT GA180 GPU can be coupled (connected in parallel) with another GPU GA180V14 to deliver a total power of 360kVA, on 4 outputs fully synchronised, to powered AWACS aircraft.

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Engine with electronic regulation: 

  • Diesel (running at 1714 RPM)

DEUTZ – 4 or 6 Cylinders

CUMMINS  – 6 Cylinders 


Nominal output 90/140/180 kVA

Power factor 0.8 to 1.0

Voltage 200/115V; 3-phase with neutral 


GUINAULT brushless 22/28 poles alternator 2182 rpm

Frequency : 400 Hz 


Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C

Relative humidity up to 95% 


  • 270 Vdc – 270 A – 72 kW for F-22 and F35 iaw SAE AS 1831
  • 230 V 50 Hz output socket
  • 56 Vdc Output, 37 VAC
  • 115 V single phase with plug SRA200
  • External 28 Vdc engine start
  • Automatic engine oil refilling system
  • Extreme cold kit for start-up at low temperatures (< -30° C) including engine preheating (50 / 60 Hz heater)
  • Anti-towing safety: a sensor detects the movement of the trailer and triggers an audible and visible alarm if all aircraft outlets are not correctly stored to prevent damage to the aircraft socket
  • Synchronized GPU for operation on AWACS
  • Automatic idling for further fuel savings
  • Cable rollers for easy cable handling
  • Truck mounted GPU