Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower (MTWR)


An introduction

A Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower (MTWR) is designed to deploy remote support for air navigation services units. It provides Military and Civilian Ground, Tower and Approach Control in their Area of Responsibility (AoR) of the dedicated airspace in the situations:

  • Emergency situations such as natural disasters, etc.
  • Renovation to existing fixed base ATC towers
  • Support to search and rescue missions
  • Provides airfield air traffic control services, where fixed ATC is not deployed, anywhere, anytime
  • Supports to provide air traffic control during special events such as VIP movements, etc.

Operating conditions

  • 24/7 operations in all seasons, in different climatic zones: air temperature: from -45°C to + 65°C, humidity: up to 100%
  • TWR cabin is capable of being operated elevated in any discrete step up to fully elevated position with floor height over terrain 6,5m / 8 m / 12 m, depending on lifting system type
  • The mobile unit is deployable within in 30-60 min by 2 operators
  • Transportable by roads, trains, ships, air (C-130, C-17, An-70…)

Form factors

A Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower can be delivered in 3 form factors:

  • Mobile tower on a truck
  • Mobile tower in a van
  • Stationary tower


The baseline equipment to be fitted into the cabinet and wired up for full functionality and includes the following.

  • Voice Communication Control System
  • Controllers Working Position
  • ADS-B station
  • VHF/HF radio system
  • Weather observing station
  • Recording system
  • Auxiliary Equipment