Osiris Searcher


A highly modular ready to go Single Mast Surveillance solution, ideal for medium to long range surveillance applications using HD zoom video cameras and cooled thermal zoom cameras.

With cooled thermal cameras up to 900mm and HD cameras up to 60x zoom, the Osiris Searcher is the perfect long range camera for applications such as Aviation.

The Osiris Searcher has outstanding detection capabilities with 25<mK thermal sensitivity and 15μm pixel pitch.

With extremely slow pan and tilt times as low as 0.02° per second, and low repeatability levels of just 0.002°, the Osiris Searcher allows for the pin point precision and accuracy often needed in applications such as Aviation.

With harmonic drive gears as standard the Osiris has virtually zero backlash ensuring the capture of stable images even at very long distances over land or water.

Compatible with a range of accessories and technologies including:

  • Illuminators
  • Signal light gun
  • Laser range finders
  • Thermal video fusion
  • Long range cooled thermal cameras (up to 900mm)
  • Long range 60:1 {16.7 to 1000mm (2000mm with extender)} HD video / day camera
  • Anti fog and image stabilization capabilities
  • Resolution: 640 x 512
  • 15μm pixel pitch
  • 25<mK thermal sensitivity
  • Absolute positioning feedback for radar control
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Ultra slow pan / tilt speeds down to 0.02° per second (and up to 45° per second)
  • Virtually zero backlash with automatic self position correction
  • Optical encoders for preset accuracy (0.002° repeatability)
  • Unique rapid release mechanism allows cameras to be quickly changed in the field
  • Unique boresight positioning for fast alignment