Pallet Distributors


Pallet Distributors are designed to transport Air Cargo and are ideal for a mixed modal or temporary warehouse. Offering an extended raised height of 1,500 mm, Pallet Distributors can double as a Mobile Truck Dock. Requiring only basic operator training, Pallet Distributors offer the power and flexibility of a Fork Lift Truck without the capital outlay and operator licencing.

Battery power provides the freedom of movement and hydraulic the power, making each move an ease for any operator. Capable of operating on one full charge for 5 hours non-stop and up to 30 full height lifts at maximum capacity the Pallet Distributor is a capable workhorse designed to work even during a power cut.

A variety of Top Decks are available featuring Powered Roller, Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Units or manual Castors. All feature powered transfer rollers that raise to drive the load onto or from the Top Deck at sides or front, at no point is manual intervention by personnel required whilst using a Pallet Distributor.

Lift-Up Pallet Stops are provided as standard to prevent cargo falling from the Pallet Distributor during movements with powered Pallet Stops available as an option.

  • The Pallet Distributor is designed to except 1 x 125” x 96” PMC aircraft pallets (10ft)
  • Minimum height to rollers 478 mm, maximum height to rollers 1,512 mm
  • Hydraulic powered stops at each end of the powered transfer deck
  • Transfer deck is fitted with a 1.1 kW motor, gearbox and brake assembly
  • Powered Transfer Wheels allowing cargo to transfer in 3 directions
  • 2 x photo electric sensors at end and both sides
  • Safe working load up to 6,800kg
  • Painted to customer RAL colour
  • Control Arm Tiller with Safety Stop
  • 4 x Manual safety props to be suppliedv

Additional Options:

  • A variety of Top Transfer Decks
  • Automated-powered Lift-Up Pallet Stops