PCA Pit for Airports and Aircraft Hangars



Based on the principle of the HPO (Hatch and Pop Out) pit, the PCA PIT places upon opening the PCA hose and its connector at operator’s handreach, for a simplified handling and an optimal protection of the hose.

The “Tulip” shaped guiding system also eases the use and increases the protection of the PCA hose

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Dimensions on the ground: 1810 x 990 mm
Maximum total weight: 1000 kg
Materials: Structure hot dip galvanized iron, components stainless steel and aluminum, anti-skid plates aluminum
• Opening assisted by counterweights
• Hose guiding system keeping hose away from concrete and sharp edges
• 14’’ hose with spring steel spiral protection
• Standard 8’’ aircraft connector


• Sump pump in the pit
• Emergency shut off
• On/Off remote control box for the PCA
• Manhole, ladder and inner lighting
• Flashing lamp in open position
• Explosion proof components
• Automatic hatch locking system in open position
• Manual hatch unlocking system away from any dangerous area
• Non-slip grooved sheet on hatch
• Connector presented above the ground