Planning as a service


Because of our digital solutions and many years of operational experience, we are able to offer a wide range of planning services. From specific periods up to creating planning scenarios, our experts will develop planning results that are highly beneficial and individually adjusted. This includes optimised qualification models, precise shift type demands and requirement curves, which support you both in strategic decisions and in your staff planning.

We offer you resource or staff planning, regardless of whether it is once, seasonal or monthly. We also support you on the way to achieve higher planning efficiency with our digital solutions and our team’s operational experience. After we have collected your planning parameters with you and transferred them to our system, you can flexibly choose whether you want to receive a planning result for a specific period or whether you want to evaluate different scenarios in the shortest possible time. Based on exact shift and demand curves, as well as the key figure evaluation from our analysis system, you can make well-founded strategic decisions or communicate them with the help of data.

  • staff requirement planning
  • Airport resource planning
  • Scenario analysis

Services Overview 

Staff requirement planning 

Staff requirement planning, assuming changing activities, locations and qualifications, is like a Tetris game and, above a certain complexity, cannot be mastered without powerful planning software. On the basis of flight plans and planning specifications that have been agreed with you, we create capacity-optimised staff requirement planning including key figures (e.g. on contract hours, qualifications and shift priorities) for the alignment of your staff resources.

Scenario Analyse 

Whether a customer is added or lost, adjustments to the flight plan or process changes – we also support you at short notice in creating a wide variety of planning scenarios and in developing key figures for sales, staff development and strategic decisions