ProDetect™ – Computer Based Training for CT


Adopting CT technology in security operations has a lot of benefits for airports yet has a great impact for the operators. Suddenly operators need to interpret 3-dimensional images requiring visual-spatial abilities, that can only be educated through proper guidance and training. The currently available vendor-emulators do not provide the preferred educational backbone, making it hard for operators to instantly understand what they are looking for.

Stage Gate 11 offers a customised, state of the art 3D training software program through proprietary partners Battelle and STI Security & Training. Using the power of technology, the ProDetect software enables trainers and users to enhance their security operator skills.

Apart from the initial and recurrent training ProDetect offers additional modules:

  • Standard Operating Procedures – where airport specific SOP’s can be integrated ensuring the operator is challenged to think further than just threat recognition. “What comes after?” “Who do I report to?”, etc.
  • Find the component – a step-by-step approach to teach how to interpret 3-dimensional images so that spatial ability is developed.
  • IED component recognition – module teaching about the different components and how they can be recognised individually.
  • Q&A about the analysed image, generating in depth understanding.

Additionally, the computer-based training can be supplemented with an IED-assembly software and a pre-employment assessment.

Currently ProDetect supports different image visualisations and GUI’s for CBS and HBS CT-systems. Interested to learn more? Find out more about ProDetect™ or contact us directly.