Radius Recycle Bin


Recycle bins that stay in place and are easy to empty. The bins connect to each other as many as desired for recycling. Internal container with handles for quick emptying. The bottom is weighted that makes also one piece stable.

The Radius Series of solid metal accessories are designed with the Green Furniture Concept seating series Nova C in mind, but also work very well as stand-alone products.

One standalone bin:

  • Height: 790 mm (31,1 Inches)
  • Width: 210 mm (8,3 Inches)
  • Length: 540 mm (21,3 Inches)
  • Volume: 80 L
  • Material:Powder coated steel (color of choice)

Standard recycling texts/icons: Glass, Paper, Trash
Custom color, text and icons on the lids are available.