Re-usable Face Masks, 100-wash 99% Protection.


We are introducing nano technology, comfort and proven results in the face-mask segment; Nano particles have been used as an anti-microbial agent for more than 100 years and combined with the properties of Silver we have a system that is re-usable, washable, comfortable and most importantly delivers 99% protection consistently even after the 100th wash.

Anti-microbial masks are embedded with Nano Smart® (Silver nano particles), these particles are embedded at the molecular level into the natural and synthetic fibres to provide anti-microbial protection.

These masks can be easily handwashed, as the technology is embedded into the cloth allowing the mask to be re-used for 6 months or 100+washes (tested).

Normal face masks are highly inefficient, not only are they mostly single-use but they are made from material that offers no barrier to a virus nor does it allow a close fit to the facial contours hence leaving gaps between mask and skin rendering them ineffective as the pathogen simply bypasses any filtration that exists.

Our masks come in Spandex for the ultimate comfort fit and also Cotton with a head-band that allows the mask to be worn for long periods without using ear loops. They are fully customisable, in terms of colour and design (with a small minimum order) and we also provide 4 different sizes of mask , Infant, Child, Teen, Adult.