Baggage Belt Conveyor


Robson baggage belt conveyors – Ultimate for speed, flexibility, reliability and efficiency, with a range of conveying products to meet the needs of the most challenging of sites and surroundings. Robson Handling Technology Baggage Handling Conveyors include: Delivery Conveyors, Collector Conveyors, Injection Conveyors, Receiving Conveyors, Queue Conveyors, Extended Queue Conveyors, Standard Conveyors.

  • Modular design with interchangeable components
  • Fast Delivery
  • Maximise container / lorry space – Easily flat packed for simplistic and efficient loading
  • Easier / Faster to install and maintain on site
  • The conveyors are constructed from pressed 2.5mm thick mild steel plate.
  • Conveyors are jig built to ensure conveyor sections are square and interchangeable.
  • The conveyor has guards fabricated from laser cut mild steel plate. These prevent access to rotating equipment or personnel entrapment points.
  • Mesh panels to the underside of conveyors are hinged on one side and fitted with a locking device.
  • Head and Tail pulleys are 124mm diameter and are short faced complete with static shrouds.
  • All conveyors are driven by shaft mounted geared motor unit complete with torque arm fixing.
  • All bearings are grease lubricated, self-aligning, single row, ‘Y’ – type, anti-friction and sealed.
  • Bearing selection is based on 50,000 hours under the duty load operating condition.
  • Belt tension adjustment is provided via a screw tension gear.
  • Conveyor belts will be of 2 ply polyester monofilament fibre with the lower ply of spun fabric to produce a low noise characteristic.
  • Horizontal conveyors are fitted with smooth top conveyor belting.
  • The conveyor belting is flame retardant in accordance with ISO 340.
  • All conveyors are supplied with conveyor belts suitable for factory or site vulcanising.
  • PEC Brackets / Speed Sensor Brackets are provided.
Internal Width 1,025mm
Belt Width  1,000mm
Length 1,200mm to 16,000mm
Bedplate Height 255mm minimum
Side Casing Powder Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Sheet
Support Casing   Powder Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Sheet
Bedplate Galvanised Mild Steel Sheet
Conveying Speed 0.3 to 2.5m/s
Reversible Yes
Inclination -16° to +16°
Head / Tail Pulley Ø124mm
Drive Pulley  Ø134mm Lagged and Crowned
Tension Pulley
Ø105mm Crowned
Snub Pulley  Ø60mm
Return Roller Ø60mm Anti Static
Bearings  Ø40mm 2 Bolt Flange Mounted Taper Lock
Drive    SEW GMU or PMM, Nord, Siemens plus others