Rolascreen - Portable


There’s a Rolascreen for Every Application

Rolascreens are innovative and award-winning products.
Portable, Retractable, Cleanable, Versatile, and Customizable;
These qualities make the Rolascreen an ingenious tool for managing space, providing privacy, and providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Rolascreens are Versatile

Rolascreens are versatile and easy to use.
They are Portable, Retractable, Bendable.
Rolascreens are easily cleaned.

Rolascreens are Customizable

Rolascreens are very customizable.
Everything from the color or height of the frame –
to the imagery and branding of the inner panel –
can be customized with our standard or custom options.

There are countless options to customize your Rolascreen.
The frame is available in many different standard or custom colors.
The height of the Rolascreen is available in two standard sizes: 6ft 3″ or 5ft 3″
Custom heights are available.

The inner screen panel of our Rolascreen can be ordered with any image or branding.
We have an extensive image library to choose from, or we can use any image and logo you provide.
Furthermore, the Rolascreen’s inner screen panel is interchangeable.
If you want a change of scenery, the inner panel can be easily unzipped and replaced with another.

Antimicrobial finishes and wheels are available.