Self Service Repack Station


Self Service Repack Station

CCM’s Repack Station is the first time that all the necessary features needed to ease the Check-in experience for Passengers is brought together into a single product.

Using CCM’s Cloud Services, the Repack Station can automatically check for the Passenger’s baggage allowance and validate if they are within their allowance or not. Thus the Repack Station provides a unique and managed experience for the Passenger to “Validate” the weight of the Baggage against their allowance and to “Repack” their bags if necessary, avoiding significant delays to the Check-in process.

With the Optional Dimension checking, the repack station can also dimension the Bag and advise the Passenger if their Bag is Oversize or not.

With the Optional Baggage Tag Printer, the repack station can print the Passenger Baggage Tag prior to the start of the Check-in process, facilitating Self Bag Drop or other Fast Bag Drop solutions.

All Repack Stations are monitored from CCM’s Cloud based Web Portal where statistics and reports can be generated as needed.

Features and benefits

  • Multi airline checked baggage weight check
  • Easily transportable with a modular approach
  • Remote monitoring and Statistics collection Integrated into CCM’s
  • Cloud Services for Airline Integration and Web Portal


  • Optional Baggage Tag Printer
  • Optional Receipt Printer
  • Optional Baggage Dimension verification for Oversize Bags
  • Optional Payment System for procurement of Baggage Allowance
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