SIGNUM T 60 - Multi-Protocol Test Equipment


The SIGNUM T 60 test unit has been designed in partnership with ENAIRE for the analysis and diagnosis of protocols and lines used in communications that take place in the different Air Traffic Control Centres. This product is compatible with all voice communication systems (VCS) used in the field of air traffic control.

The SIGNUM T60 is currently the only tool on the market that is capable of identifying faults and analysing VoIP and analogue communication networks at the same time.

This work tool can take the form of a laptop PC or be incorporated to a 19-inch rack. It allows working with frequency and time variables, following the communication protocols established by Spanish and European regulations.

Operating Modes

  • TX/RX Analysis/Monitor Mode.
  • Terminal/Emulator mode of a certain protocol.
  • Automatic Lines/Systems measurement mode.
  • Transmission Line Emulator mode.
  • VoIP Monitor Mode with data packet decoding represented on a diagram (call flow).
  • VoIP Terminal/Emulator mode for making and receiving calls.
  • Audio Quality Mode.

It is possible to simultaneously receive signals from an analogue channel and data packets from a VoIP channel, so that they share a common time base.

Communication Protocols

In the frequency and time domain, the unit is able to operate with the following communication protocols:

  • ATS-R2 Eurocontrol Regulations.
  • ATS-N5 Eurocontrol Regulations.
  • Spanish Hot Line Regulations (LCEN).
  • Analogue Telephony (FXS/FXO/LB).
  • Spanish in-band signalling standard: Remote control / Remote signalling (TM/TS).
  • EUROCAE regulations for VoIP systems.

Parameter Measurements

It is also possible to automatically perform various measurements of characteristic parameters of lines and communications systems:

  • Attenuation depending on the frequency.
  • Gain depending on the level.
  • Propagation delay.
  • Signal to distortion ratio.
  • Psophometric noise power.
  • Echo characterisation.
  • PTT and SQ propagation measurements.

Functional characteristics

  • Presentation of signal graphs and call scenario diagrams.
  • Manual or automatic storage when certain events occur.
  • Automatic or manual signal analysis tools.
  • Transmission and reception of telephone calls through the handset included in the unit.
  • Possibility of taking measurements between: two analogue interfaces, an analogue interface and a VoIP channel, or between VoIP channels.
  • Generation of reports in Excel showing the results of the measurements and configurations used.
  • Possibility of controlling another unit, or being controlled remotely.