Single platform automated air traffic management solution “Ansart ATC”


Ansart ATC is an all-in-one scalable product designed to observe, control and manage air/ground traffic in the interest of involved stakeholders with required level of automation, tailored exactly to the Customer needs from privet people to ANSPs, from simple standalone position to air traffic management system.

Ansart ATC can be easily tailored to be used as:

  • ASD – Air Situation Display, a product designed to provide basic features of seamless air and ground traffic awareness for non-ATM users with friendly and intuitive HMI that present air and ground traffic on geographical map, usually OSM ang Google. Potential customers are privet people and organisations that aren’t involved directly in air traffic management.
  • TSD – Traffic Situation Display, a product that in addition on ASD features gives basic management functionality with traffic visualisation on airspace and aerodrome map. Potential customers are airports, military and governmental organisations involved in air traffic management on a basic lavel,
  • CWP – Controller Working Position – minimal configuration of air traffic management system designed for air traffic management at small air traffic service units (ATSUs) with basic functianality
  • ITWP – Integrated Tower Working Position that is CWP with integrated data from all systems: surveillance sources, interconnected ATC systems, weather systems etc.. intending to enhance traffic situation awareness
  • ATM system – air traffic management system that provides whole scope of air traffic services (ATS) for air traffic service units (ATSUs): Ground, Tower, Approach and ACC.
  • A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Ground Control System) – ATM system that provides surface movement ground control with safety net (conflict detection and resolution) and taxi route planning together with data sharing with all airport systems and services


  • Cost-effective and affordable solution
  • Modular and scalable design that allows for future growth
  • Reliable, high-performance hardware and validated software
  • Open system architecture
  • Tailorable to customer needs
  • Full redundancy of all subsystems
  • Automated technical control and monitoring
  • Protection against unauthorized access


  • Reception, processing, and display of surveillance data from many types of sensors (PSR, SSR, MSSR, ADS-B, MLAT, WAM)
  • Reception, processing, and distribution of flight plans ICAO/ADEXP formats 2021
  • Reception and display of weather data (METAR, SPECI, TAF, SIGMET, GAMET, AIRMET)
  • Calculation of 4D trajectories using BADA and weather data
  • Safety nets: MSAW, STCA, MTCD, APW, Monitoring Aids (MONA), SSA, TSN
  • RVSM and RNAV support
  • Decision-support functions: VAW, TCT, AMAN/DMAN
  • Integrated A-SMGCS
  • Coordination and interaction with adjacent centers (OLDI, AIDC, ASTERIX etc.)
  • Air-Ground data-link: Departure Clearance (DCL/PDC) and Controller–pilot data link communication (CPDLC)
  • Alternative radar data processing (bypass)
  • Electronic Flight Strips
  • Configurable multi-window user interface
  • Additional service functions
  • Embedded recording and playback with investigation functions