Spiral Chute Conveyor


Spiral Chute Conveyors is the most economical, fast, safe, efficient, and low maintenance way to safely convey items from one level down to another, at controlled and constant speeds, driven by gravity and using zero energy.

Spiral Gravity Chutes have been designed to handle almost anything, including airport baggage, cardboard cartons, polythene bags,  plastic tote boxes, and sacks, all at a controlled speed of descent.

A wide range of options designed to integrate with any system, it can be configured to interface with any roller or belt conveyor system. 

The spiral chute saves space on the floor compared to conventional declining conveyors. The size of the chute allows it to be used in tight situations or small spaces.

The design ensures products won’t get stuck, even when accumulated.

Spiral Chutes are extremely safe because they have no moving parts, they cost absolutely nothing to run and continue to work all the time, they require no maintenance.

Spiral Chutes have the following characteristics:

  • Safe and fast downward movement
  • Low procurement costs and low maintenance cost/effort;

  • No moving parts and no spare and wear parts;

  • Durable construction with bolt-together;

  • Capable of handling different products at the same time;

  • Fast and simple installation;

  • Built for a smooth and even flow;

  • Custom infeed and exit chutes;

  • It can be customized to your application.