Staff & Resource Planning


From planning optimisation to project management of workforce management system implementation, we offer you a wide range of services. Benefit off our experience from successful implementation projects and best practice solutions.

  • Digitalisation projects (workforce management systems / staff planning systems)
  • Analysis and optimisation of existing planning processes
  • Analysis and optimisation of staff planning related company agreements



Services Overview 

Digitalisation of staff planning and control systems

Workforce management or resource planning systems are characterised by having a strong operational and structural impact within the entire company organisation. Without professional project support before, during and after implementation, the risk of not being able to meet both the time frame and the budget increases. Due to a lack of system experience and up to 40% of all implementation projects fail. Based on our operational experience in operational use, as well as successfully completed implementation projects, we offer you a best practice project management, which significantly reduces the project risk and allows you to benefit much earlier from the efficiency effects of a resource planning system.

Workforce Management System

INFORM GroundStar

  • GS RealTime
  • GS Planning
  • GS Rostering
  • GS StaffCom

T-Systems GHAMS

  • OPS
  • Planning
  • Mobiles

System support for workforce management and resource planning systems 

Specially qualified employees are required for the configuration and technical support of workforce management and resource planning systems. The effort involved must be in a reasonable relation to the size of the company organization. OpsConnect offers you a support service and supports you in the successful use of your system. You can reach us at any time via remote maintenance or video support. 

Optimisation of workforce management systems and resource planning systems – OC + 

Workforce management and resource planning systems enable and support the optimisation of operational processes and structures. With OC +, OpsConnect offers an optimisation approach that includes all organisational interfaces, such as training department, staff department or sales are linked with operational planning and control processes via your planning system. Whether management seminars or regular optimisation workshops – OpsConnect offers a comprehensive service for your long-term success.

Planning optimisation 

Rising staff costs and falling planning validity are sure signs of a planning problem. Based on best practice experience, current planning software and comprehensive benchmark data, we analyse your planning processes and company agreements and work with you to develop solutions for short-term savings effects and long-term efficiency gains. Whether it is support with change management or the creation and negotiation of new company agreements, with OpsConnect you have an experienced partner at your side.