STARJET® Stripe and Rubber Removal Systems


NLB water jetting systems remove pavement markings and runway rubber faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods without damaging the pavement. NLB systems completely remove coatings, membranes, thermal epoxies and rubber build up – even from grooved pavement – while leaving concrete and asphalt undamaged. In doing so, using only high- pressure water creates a stronger bond for restriping without chemical and less debris residue.

The low RPM, low-wear design deliver water pressure up to 40,00PSI (2,800 bar). Unlike other industry systems, STARJET provides two dedicated sources of horsepower: one for the truck and vacuum system and the other for the water jetting pump. The truck engine uses only 1/3 of its duty rating while in removal mode meaning you don’t have to worry that the truck engine will overload and cause downtime and service expense. The pump engine runs at approximately 85% of its duty rating for optimum performance and engine life. Both engines run cooler with longer life cycles and optimum fuel consumption.

NLB pumps are the only ones guaranteed against parts failure with a one-year program that comes with every new STARJET unit. NLB will replace any component that fails at no charge so long as all proper procedures in NLB’s operating manual have been followed.

Cleaning Path: Up to 30.25”

Head Speed Rotation: Up to 3,000 RPM

Pump Pressure: Up to 40,000 PSI

Speed Control: 0-350 FPM

Fresh Water Supply: Up to 3,000 gallons (11,356 L)

Vacuum Recovery: 1,500 CFM

Debris Tank Capacity: Up to 6 Cubic Yards