System Level 508 Manual – Roller Deck


System Level 508 – Manual – Roller deck

Non-powered roller deck for manual conveying and storage of ULD’s for either NEP or WEP presentation. Various sizes are available to accommodate different ULD types and to suit the overall system lay-out.

Roller decks consist of a steel frame, walkways and multiple cargo rollers.

The cargo rollers are fitted in such a way that these can easily be installed and replaced from the top deck surface without requiring special tools.

Roller Decks can optionally be supplied with extra ULD stops and protection barriers as required for the system lay-out. Adjustable supports are fitted to the decks for floor mounting.


Weighing System (if applicable):

The roller deck can be fitted with an integrated weighing system equipped with:

  • 4 heavy duty stainless steel load cells, beam type, 50 kN capacity
  • Junction box and weight indicator for display of tare, net, and gross weights.

The weighing system will be calibrated and verified at site after installation.
Weighing capacity 8,000 kg with 5 kg divisions.

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Cargo handling system, for manual manoeuvring of ULD’s at Dolly height.

Operating height:508 mm


Roller deck – 10 ft / 15 ft / 20 ft NEP / 10 ft WEP


Pallet stops

Weighing System


Standard Roller Deck 10 ft
10 ft NEP 10 ft WEP
Capacity – safe working load 6,800 kg
Capacity – type of ULD’s maximum 10 ft base size with dimensions:
L x W: 96 x 125 inch (2,438 x 3,175 mm)
Total length 3,300 2,600 mm
Total width 2,600 3,300 mm
Conveying height 508 508 mm
Guide heights: 50 50 mm
Cargo roller:
– diameter x wall thickness x length- total length x hex. shaft

88.9 x 2.9 x 370

410 x 11


88.9 x 2.9 x 370

410 x 11



Number of lanes / cargo rollers: 3x 11 4x 10
Number of walkways: 2 3
Number of ULD stops 2 4
Finishing Hot dipped galvanized frame