Technoport® Proven entrance solutions with many functions as standard

  • Multi-talented system to welcome customers and ensure safety
  • An eye-catcher with high-tech functions including radar control, light barriers and anti-panic feature
  • Barrier-free and can be used universally

Technoport entrance systems from Wanzl really have something to offer – for the safety of your customers, and also for your own. A future-proof investment that will pay for itself in a very short time. Just make the comparison.

Upright and Classic swivel barrier made of steel tubing, high-gloss chrome-plated or coloured plastic powder coating. Pivot mechanism made of metal, fully integrated in the upright – provides a particularly high level of injury protection. Sign made of white plastic or transparent acrylic glass, printed on both sides.

Technoport entrance systems are equipped with a radar control as a standard feature. In the case of two-way systems, the second system is controlled by an infrared light barrier. The radar control saves space, as in most cases it is possible to dispense with an entry section.

Anti-panic features
In an emergency, the barrier can be opened in both directions. An acoustic alarm indicates that the barrier has been opened and protects against misuse. The automatic barrier reset ensures that the system is ready for operation again.

Adjustable radar beam
Flexible adaptation of the radar beam for optimum customer registration and to suit the space available from 0.5 up to a maximum of 2.5 m.

Additional features

Prevent theft
Previously, particularly cunning thieves could sneak stolen goods through entrance systems undetected. But this is now a thing of the past – with the combination of an exit alarm and intersecting light barriers in the exit section. When an attempt is made to leave the store through the entrance system, the light barriers trigger an acoustic alarm. The system remains closed at the same time, even if a customer is trying to enter the store. A practically fail-proof solution to reduce stocktaking differences.

Opening escape routes
The link between the entrance system and the fire control centre provides additional safety in the event of a fire. If a fire alarm is activated, they open automatically in the exit direction and open up an additional escape route. This is an indispensable feature in an emergency.

Guaranteeing child safety
If a child enters the monitored swivel range of the system, integrated light barriers stop the arms automatically in the system’s exit section. This reliably prevents the risk of injury. Soft, foam-covered barriers are an additional safety element for all Wanzl entrance systems.

Customer frequency counter
The customer traffic in the store at a given time is measured using the integrated radar modules. The result is used for statistical purposes and enables personnel management in the form of targeted checkout occupancy and counter staffing.

Standard technical equipment

  • Max. operating voltage of 24 V DC for the highest levels of safety.
  • Technoport systems comply with both national and international safety requirements.
  • Even opening of the swivel arms. No swing back. Best positioning globally.
  • Synchronised opening of the swivel arm in all double systems without a central divider.
  • Infinitely variable opening angle from 0° – 180°. Precise adjustment using the teach-in procedure.
  • Freely programmable opening time, after which the system closes again automatically.
  • Adjustment of the opening direction possible on-site.
  • Panic alarm.