Travel 400/Travel 400 Ex


Used and trusted the world over. The Travel 400 series shows why: the robust, durable design with sturdy luggage support, extreme stability at high loads and effortless operation make this the perfect trolley even under extreme conditions.

  • Automatic braking upon nesting
  • Design with four castor wheels
  • Generous bag platform

Minimises castor wear
Minimal castor wear when pushing or pulling nested trolleys due to the brake release feature. (images 2 & 3)

Folding bracket
Optional as extra luggage restraint. (image 34)

Design with three castor wheels: Travel 400/3 and 400/3 EX with a Ø 180mm swivel castor at the front. (image 5)

Wanzl handles have an antibacterial plastic powder coating to maintain hygiene. (image 6)

Travel 400/3
Specially developed for ski and golf resorts with multiple features. With additional straps for snowboards, skiing equipment and golf bags, yet still leaving space for your other luggage.
Static/dynamic load capacity 400/250 kg
Nesting depth 335/335 mm
Weight 26/27 kg
Advertising space 4090 cm2 (460 x 125/490 x 300 mm)
Castor wheels 2 fixed castor wheels/2 swivel castors
Castor Ø 180 mm rear / 125 mm front
Material Steel
Finish transparent, polyester-coated
Material Alternatively stainless steel, electropolished
Use on travelator yes
Automatic brake self-adjusting
Options – Adapter for vending unit
– Coin deposit system
– Travelator castor
– Folding bracket