Truck Dock Lift 20ft


Truck Dock lifts are designed to transfer cargo from landside vehicles and trucks to a cargo handling system and visa versa. Vehicles are typically higher than the standard air cargo handling system height of 508 mm, the Truck Dock raises and lowers to allow for transfer.

  • The Truck Dock is designed to except 2 x 125” x 96” PMC aircraft pallets (10ft
  • Minimum height to rollers 500 mm, maximum height to rollers 1,600 mm
  • 25 x 133 mm diameter 3.6mm wall rollers
  • 24 x infills 170 mm (W) made from mild steel Durbar plate
  • Walkways fitted to both sides 800mm wide
  • Hydraulic powered stops at each end of the powered transfer deck
  • Side-shift +/- 150 mm
  • Rising ram beam with vertical upright supports and powered roller
  • Perimeter fencing around lift 1,800 mm (H) x 1,250 mm (W) made from weldmesh, angle and box section
  • Operator panel
  • Transfer deck is fitted with 2 x 1.1 kW motor, gearbox and brake assembly
  • 4 x photo electric sensors each end
  • Safe working load up to 13,660kg
  • Painted to customer RAL colour
  • 1 x operator station with controls 24v DC
  • 6 x Manual safety props to be supplied
  • Chainmail curtain at front and rear of lift

Operating Heights:

Transfer heights
500 mm (MIN)
1,600 mm (MAX)


Transfer deck
7,200 mm (L)
2,540 mm (W)

If non-standard dimensions are required, please contact our sales department and one of our sales engineers will assist you.

Additional Options:

  • Vehicle Buffer
  • Protection Barriers
  • Powered Transfer Roller
  • Hydraulic Winch
  • Castor Deck top deck
  • 10 FT. Truck Dock