ULISES G5000i - VoIP Communications Gateway


Based on international standards for air traffic control, the ULISES G5000i acts as a bridge between Voice over IP (VoIP) and analogue/digital systems, handling legacy and VoIP radio and telephony units. It is used for both civilian and military voice communications.

Integral solution for communication networks
ULISES G5000i is responsible for converting the protocol of aeronautical data and communication network elements (radio, telephony, etc.), allowing an efficient migration to IP: sustainable and scalable investment at a reduced cost and multiple supported interfaces. The system design meets the ED 137 standard, allowing interoperability with units produced by multiple vendors.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced cost: simple and sustainable migration
  • Optimal network performance
  • Availability: Extremely high gateway availability (up to 99.999%) with hardware redundancy and hot-pluggable mechanisms. The redundant Ethernet network with a virtual IP guarantees system continuity if one of the main elements is down.
  • Shared resources: Ability to remotely control and manage all radio and telephony units on the network.
  • Efficient management and maintenance: Local or remote management and maintenance through a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Interoperability

Functional characteristics

  • Standards: ED136, ED137B and ED138; SWAL4
  • Availability: Up to 99.999%, with unit hot swapping, PTT/SQH
  • Radio Interfaces: ED137 (VoIP), 4-wire (E&M, contact and in-band), E1 CAS. Telephony Interfaces FXS/FXO, ATS-R2, ATS-N5, LB, CB. LCEN (hot line) protocol. ED 137 (VoIP), ATS-QSIG.
  • Recording interfaces: Analogue or VoIP Management System: Local or remote management and reconfiguration, and supervision of hardware elements. Maintenance and operations log. SNMP protocol configuration
  • Voice codecs: ITU-G 711 A Law.