Ultra High Pressure Vehicle



Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray nozzles mounted to high speed rotating arms, blast the surface with ultra-high pressure water. The specially shaped turbine blades, mounted to the arms, create a swirling vortex of air, water, and loosened rubber or paint at 140 mph – equivalent to a category 4 cyclone storm.

As the Cyclone head moves along the surface, the Cyclone vortex provides a secondary cleaning effect, while simultaneously lifting the waste & water off the surface and whipping it into a small tank mounted on top of the head.

A high-volume macerator pump further emulsifies and pumps the recovered waste water slurry into the large 7,600 liter waste recovery tank located at the rear of the vehicle with powered dump for quick and easy service.

Cyclone Technology non-vacuum design means less maintenance and lower annual fuel cost; resulting in a faster return on investment.

• Commercial truck chassis: Easy transport between cleaning sites; offsite waste disposal
• Cleaning head configuration for multiple applications; 860mm wide cleaning path for rubber removal; adjustable cleaning path for paint removal 150mm to 410mm
• Large fresh water tank provides up to 5 hours of continuous cleaning
• LCD operator interface provides fully computerized control and automated operation for efficient runway cleaning
• Roll-up doors provide safe accessibility to the high pressure pump and hydraulic components. Doors are constructed of noise reducing material
• No vacuum means less noise for the operator.

Cleaning Head Assembly: Removable, joystick controlled, multi-pivot point maneuverability. Cast aluminum housings, hydraulically driven rotation, fiberglass recovery tank. Belt-driven return pump. Each head max work pressure is 2,700 bar at 21 L/min. Each head has a separate return tank and filtration screen.

Rubber Removal Head: 1010mm cast aluminum head with up to 860mm cleaning path

Paint Removal Head: 610m cast iron with adjustable 152mm to 400mm cleaning path

Productivity (Rubber): Up to 1900m2 per hour

Productivity (Paint): Up to 950m2 per hour

Filtration System: Inlet water filtered to 0.35 micron over 24m2 of organic and particulate filtration

Water Filters: Minimum of two (2) filters before UHP pump: One (1) organic 50 micron filter, one (1) particle 0.35-micron filter

Water Pump: Positive displacement triplex plunger, with full pressurized lubrication, water cooled, 21.6L per minute @ 2,758 bar, variable output from 413 bar to 2800 bar

Fresh Water Tank: Fresh water capacity: 6,000L standard. Available up to 8,327L for 6.5 hours of operating time

Reclaim Tank: Separates water from material. 7,570L total capacity. Sand blasted and powder coated stainless steel. Carbon steel tank is painted with polyurethane paint. Powered dump with powered door for easy maintenance.

Chassis: Third party chassis available. 6X4 style, GVWR 26,000kg

Operating System: Creep drive. Independent cooling/radiator, package. Travel in drive or hydrostatic mode. Cleaning mode: Engine operates at 1,550RPM

Controls: Automated cleaning controls. Computer monitored safety and maintenance system with automatic shutdown

Speeds: Cleaning speed: Up to 6 km/hr, transport speed: Up to 105 km/hr

Brakes: Air brakes, front and rear automatically adjusted 6 wheel drum brakes

Dimensions (Dimensions with cleaning heads retracted): 10.5m x 2.4m x 3.5m

Fuel Tank: Up to 500L total fuel capacity

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: Up to 27,000 kg

Steering: Power Steering

Power Plant Engine: Turbocharged liquid cooled diesel engine or equivalent

Pump Safety: Pressure relief burst disk will relieve all pressure if there is an increase of 7% above maximum recommended operating pressure