ViaFriction - Airport


ViaFriction is a system developed by ViaTech to measure a friction on pavements (highways / airports). Friction is the force that resists the moment between vehicle / aircraft tires and pavement / runway surfaces.

On runways, while landing aircraft’s tire deposit rubber on the runways which results into low friction at the surface thus increasing its breaking distance. This leads to overrun of aircraft, leading to serious accidents resulting huge losses.

Considering this, most of the aviation authorities across the globe has mandated use of Friction measurement device at the runways. 

ViaTech has already established its name for manufacturing of frictional devices which carry out the measurement by both of the  fixed / variable slip method and measures the friction coefficient by longitudinal force in a Continuous Friction Measurement System (CFMS).

The ViaFriction devices are used for measurement of friction at airports in Norway, Denmark, and USA. ViaFriction is also used by road authorities / private players / Car OEM’s to measure friction on highways in Norway, Denmark, Poland Belgium, Estonia, Australia, Lithonia, Sweden and Mexico.

ViaTech offers the device which can measure friction in summer as well as winter conditions on runways.

The components of ViaFriction are

  • ViaFriction unit mounted in the centre (Vertical static load > 100 kg)
  • Odometer
  • Water pump (for spraying a water thickness of 1mm for the measurement)
  • Power supply.  (The trailer to be powered from car)
  • Wired network
  • GPS/GNSS (5-15 m of accuracy)
  • AL-KO Sway Control coupling

The following is included in addition to the trailer:

  • High end laptop, windows PC
  • ViaFriction Recorder windows software with fixed slip mode (% slip can be adjusted in the software)
  • ViaPlot windows viewing software.
  • User, installation, and maintenance documentation
  • ASTM 1551 spare tire on wheel rim
  • Spare parts kit incl. 2 belts
  • Power supply for PC from 12V and 220V
  • Remote diagnostics for online support.