Water & Toilet Service Trucks


Jet-Tekno provides a flexible solution for aircraft potable water service trucks. Our system fits on various truck chassis and can be equipped with a lift platform. Adding to workplace comfort and safety, trucks are fitted with information displays inside the cockpit and in the lift platform cage. Reversing sensors and cameras for the vehicle are also included.

Efficient insulation and an extensive heating system guarantee the reliable operation of our ground support vehicles even in extreme environments. Stainless steel tanks and pipes are made to withstand the most demanding conditions. High-grade components and excellent workmanship come as standard, of course. Large tank capacity and easy operation ensure fast and cost-effective ground services.

  • With or without lift, platform work height 4,5 m
  • Can be fitted on various chassis
  • Steam de-icer for aircraft fittings
  • Heated and insulated tanks, lines and equipment compartments
  • Stainless steel tanks and lines

Potable water service truck

  • Two tanks
  • Potable water tank 500-2000 litres
  • Water disposal tank 300-1000 litres
  • Information display in cockpit
  • Tank compartment level display
  • Reversing sensors
  • Reversing camera
  • Interlock
  • Control switches
  • Information display in lift platform
  • Tank compartment level display