X-ray Sleeper Barriers, Uld Cassette Rack’s


We have designed and fabricated an x-ray protection system with major benefits, off its durability and the added bonus of being able to remove quickly for when the x-ray requires servicing. The sleepers are sat in pods with enough gap for forklift blades to lift them out quick and easy.

Uld Cassette rack – We can design and fabricate various different Uld pallet racks, from 10ft to 20ft. Uld pallets to smaller size or even container Uld’s. We can make them stackable or removable also built to be fixed in place. We pride ourselves on the durability of our racks and know that they can stand the test of time.

Designed around each specific x-ray. Skid plates for loading and unloading the x-ra. Various heights if needed. Heavy duty protection.

Any size Uld can be catered for, removable or fixed down, stackable or heavy duty.