Zenky / Zenky Plus


Ergonomically sculpted to provide the best support to the body, the unique design of Zenky beam seating offers unprecedented levels of comfort for passengers. This is combined with outstanding durability, making it suitable for high footfall gateways and concourses.

The innovative design features high quality foams to reduce pressure on the passenger’s body, whilst the modular construction includes minimal components for quick and safe installation.

Available in recliner and high back options for a luxury offering, Zenky is the ideal choice for major stop-over airport terminals, with the Zenky Plus range providing greater dimensions for enhanced ergonomics.

The Zenky seating solutions have undergone rigorous strength testing, approved to ENI2727 Test Level 4, EN 16139 Test Level 2 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.4. These certifications provide clients with the confidence the beam seating can offer outstanding longevity, even in the busiest of airport terminals.

The Zenky range is also available with the Zenky PowerArm, an in-built power supply that offers maximum convenience for passengers looking to charge their laptop, tablet or smart phone.