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  • Dewhurst Airfield Services Ltd.

    Airfield / Aeronautical Ground Lighting Installations

    Since 1999, we have been providing independent, specialist airfield electrical services, in particular (AGL) aeronautical ground lighting installations. Our installation independence from the major AGL manufacturers has enabled us to fully support the Airports with …
  • atg Airports

    Airfield Ground Lighting System Solutions

    atg airports has become a leading global manufacturer and installers of airfield ground lighting equipment. Providing world class expertise to meet the challenges of the customers around world, and being the first port of call for …
  • Tailor Made Systems Ltd

    MALMS Mobile, Photometric Testing, MALMS Engineer, Asset Management, MALMS Cleaner

    Tailor Made Systems Ltd (TMS) have extensive experience of the measurement of lighting system performance. TMS has been involved with airfield lighting since 1991 when the company was commissioned by the UK Civil Aviation Authority …
  • CEL Aviation

    AGL Frangible Masts - Aircraft Warning Lights - Infrared - Aircraft Heating

    Frangibility Safety Mast systems to UK and overseas airports and aircraft warning lights,  AGL connector kits and transformers. UK representatives for Polartherm.
  • Precision ATM Limited

    Airfield Ground Lighting and Control Systems Installation

    Precision ATM Limited specialise in Airfield Ground Lighting and Control Systems Installation throughout the UK and Internationally. Regardless of geographic location, all of our projects are carried out with dedicated attention to detail and customer focus. Through …
  • Exel Composites Plc

    Airport Frangible Masts, Fences, Approach Lighting, ILS-Towers & FOD-Towers, Frangible Anemometer Masts, Frangible Wind Cone Masts, Frangible Lattice Masts, Frangible Pole Masts

    Exel Composites - Safety Support Structures for Airports Exel Composites provides a complete range of frangible safety support structures to airports. All our airport products are fully tested and comply with ICAO and FAA frangibility requirements …
  • Allied Infrastructure Management Ltd

    Airfield Maintenance – Concrete & Asphalt Repairs, Asphalt Preservation, Surface Preparation, Concrete Cutting & Drilling, AGL Civils, Civil Engineering and Line Marking

    Allied Infrastructure specialise in airfield maintenance and asphalt preservation services. With over 20 years' experience of working in high pressure environments and short duration closures Allied Infrastructure are able to offer complete solutions to preserve, protect, …
  • VOSLA GmbH

    Airfield Lighting, Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL), Airfield Lamps (Bulbs)

    With the trademark “NARVA”, the vosla GmbH offers costumer specific solutions for airfield lighting in excellent quality, “Made in Germany”. NARVA airfield lamps are characterized by durability and ensure perfect, reliable illumination for runway and taxiway …

    Airfield Safety Lighting

    ELAUL, created in 1949, specializes in secured airfield safety lighting and in safety electrical products such as submarine emergency lighting. All our products are conceived and manufactured in our facilities in South West of France and …
  • S4GA

    Solar Airport Lighting

    S4GA is a state-owned airport lighting company that designs, manufactures and distributes World’s Safest Runway Lighting for civil and military customers worldwide. We offer complete airfield lighting solutions for airports and helipads. Our airfield lights …


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1-9 of 9 results
  • MALMS Mobile

    MALMS Mobile Photometric Test System measures airfield lighting performance against the criteria for beam intensity and orientation defined in ICAO Annex 14. It is therefore suitable to confirm compliance with National and International Standards. Mobile …
  • SmartControl - Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System

    Airfield Lighting control systems allow for the operators to control and monitor the various ground lighting applications in use at an airport. The services that can be controlled, and monitored include, runway applications, approach lighting, taxiway …
  • MALMS PhotoBench

    Designed to quickly, simply and accurately measure the photometric performance of light fittings before they are installed on the airfield. Studies have shown that without photometric testing as part of an airports quality assurance procedures, many …
  • MALMS Dashboard

    MALMS Dashboard, a web-based solution for the monitoring of MALMS airfield lighting maintenance and asset management. MALMS Dashboard is a predominately cloud based solution, but can also be made available on a local airport server where …
  • MALMS Engineer & Torque Management

    MALMS Engineer is an inspection and maintenance solution that records the current status of an airfield’s lighting assets and planned preventative maintenance KPI’s. MALMS Engineer is designed to manage airfield lighting and pavement maintenance data recorded …
  • MALMS Manual Cleaner

    MALMS Manual Cleaner provides airport operators with a fast and effective method for cleaning lights. The Maintenance Optimiser integrates Mobile, Cleaner and Differential Maintenance methodology into a single maintenance solution enabling compliant airfield lighting serviceability …
  • Constant Current Regulators CCR

    AIRFIELD LIGHTING POWER SOLUTIONS Micro range of Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) are recognised as one of the most advanced products on the market. The Micro 100 Constant current regulator is a microprocessor controlled unit integrating the use of …
  • Taxiway Guidance Signs

    Airfield guidance signs In an ever evolving world where electrical performance and minimum maintenance requirements are being required the ‘clearway’ brand of taxiway guidance signs has evolved, and has been expanded further with a more power efficient IR858I …
  • FX range of Airfield lighting

    With technology advancing every day, there is a strive to ensure that airfield lighting can benefit from these new innovations. With the newly launched FX range of AGL fixtures, many of these improvements can be …
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