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  • Eclips XXL Manual Airport Wheelchair

    Aluminum foldable wheelchair with double cross. The Eclips XXL provides a natural comfort with its anatomical seat and backrest. This wheelchair, equipped with reinforced rear wheels, can support a maximum weight of 200kg. Easy transfers …
  • Power Solutions

    Arconas offers a wide range of innovative power solutions that satisfy the unique needs of each airport while keeping passengers relaxed and recharged. Charging offerings range from AC, to USB, USB-C and wireless charging. Give your public …
  • Bespoke Banquette

    Custom Banquette configured to fit the specific space requirements of the club. This specific banquette showcases a more relaxed angle that offers a lounge chair feel and provides a relaxed “sit” for the customer. Playful …
  • Eagle 1

    The Eagle 1 is a modified hospital hoist for use with Eagle slings. It is designed for transferring PRMs from their wheelchair to an airport wheelchair soon after they have checked in. This gives handling staff …
  • 708D Airport Wheelchair

    The 708D is 100% compatible with the requirements of ECAC DOC 30, Annex D : 2.3.1a. It is a standard wheelchair with a fixed back. The arm rests are foldable, removable and equipped with soft, …
  • Callisto Chair

    Fully upholstered lounge chair with wood post legs and firm upholstered lumbar pillow. Pillow is attached but is removable for cleaning purposes. One pillow is supplied per chair. Client Specified Finishes: Inner Fabric: To be …
  • MAC - Motorised aisle chair

    Offering maximum safety and passenger comfort, the MAC is designed to transport passengers around the airport, getting them from the boarding gate to their aircraft seat with ease  
  • Metal Detector Security Chair

    A wheelchair that removes the unnecessary searching on those with reduced mobility. The chair is made with a sturdy plastic frame, a soft seat and a soft backrest. Very easy to use and clean and …
  • Cheetah Class Rapid Intervention Vehicle 4X4

    Ever-vigilant! Cheetah is on the watch with VOLKAN quality and with perfect harmony of its components. Cheetah is manufactured for operations which require quick and reliable response at civil and military airports.  Cheetah which received thumbs up …
  • Electric Car / ECO Car

    This small, stylish, affordable, fully electric car is designed for both city use and commercial applications such as Seaports, Airports, Stadiums, Industrial Sites, Warehousing and Distribution Centres. Being a compact vehicle, the Bug is perfect …
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