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  • KwickScreen Shield

    Freestanding chair partitions; the solution to social distancing in waiting rooms. The Shields transparent screen creates a Covid-secure barrier between seats, so two people can sit next to each other safely. Designed for maximum virus control the …
  • KwickScreen Pro

    Portable, durable and fully enclosed; the KwickScreen Pro is our flagship product. The Pro pulls out fully to 3 metres and retracts easily into its protective casing. Designed with infection control, the Pro has minimal dirt traps …
  • KwickScreen Duo

    The Duo is the total privacy solution. Consisting of two screens attached to a central base, the Duo allows you to create a completely private bay in seconds. It’s 180° flexibility creates a unique L-shape around …
  • Thales Cogent High Temperature Detection

    Thales Cogent High Temperature Detection (HTD) is a specifically designed system for high-precision human elevated body temperature (EBT) detection, used at physical access control points of critical importance such as borders, airports, ports, ships, power-stations …
  • Airport Hive® Forecasting

    Rapidly model income, cost and capacity Re-energise your airport business planning and budgeting needs using Airport Hive Forecasting. Save time and resource by rapidly modelling income, cost and capacity using flexible rulesets, the powerful flight schedule …
  • Automated Disinfection System - ADS

    SureClean’s Automated Disinfection System (ADS) empowers you to conduct a thorough sanitization and decontamination with the push of a button on your mobile phone. With the various settings available, you can precisely setup the automated …
  • BGR 504 pro – Boarding Gate Reader for Standalone or Integration

    Contactless boarding process: DESKO BGR 504 pro scans any barcode on paper or display from a distance Our DESKO BGR 504 pro is the state-of-the-art boarding gate reader, perfect for integration into counter, kiosk or gates. …
  • Versatile DocumentScanner / DESKO PENTA Platform

    The DESKO PENTA Scanner®is your perfect device for scanning, collecting and authenticating passport or ID data. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical scan system, developed by DESKO, best suited for scanning ID cards and …
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