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  • HumanDisBox CONCEPT MINI

    COMPLETE SOLUTION Equipment: Sanitizing carpet for shoes; Motion detector; Electric automated equipment; Transparent polyurethane curtains from both sides; Fog generator of continuous heating (1200 W) with a 20 l tank for disinfectant agent. Corridor floor: wearproof commercial …
  • HDB / TechModule

    Equipment: Contactless thermometer with screen indication; Sensor-type contactless hands sanitizer; Motion detector; Fog generator of continuous heating (1200 W) with a 20 l tank for disinfectant agent. The technical unit can be separately installed in …
  • AIR STERLIZATION DEVICE - Ozone Σ 20/30/40

    It is ideal for home, office, workshop, hotel rooms, schools, sports halls, playgrounds, movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, restaurants and automobile disinfections up to 400-500 m². It eliminates disturbing bad odors, bacteria, viruses, microbes, house mites, …
  • Wipepod® Wet Wipes Dispenser

    The Award-Winning Wipepod® For a low-cost, practical and hugely effective multipurpose hygiene system, businesses of all types can rely on the Wipepod®. Improve customer confidence, reduce waste and save time and money with our innovative wet …
  • KwickScreen Pro

    Portable, durable and fully enclosed, the KwickScreen Pro is our flagship product. The world’s most portable and flexible room partition, it is perfect for mobile privacy and high-traffic zones. Contained in an anodised aluminum casing, with …
  • KwickScreen Duo

    Our most flexible product, the Duo is the total privacy solution, allowing you to create a completely private bay in seconds. Combining our flexible and portable products, this is our ultimate privacy partition. The Duo has …
  • Duo Mobile Screen System

    Our most flexible product, the KwickScreen DMS is the total privacy solution. The DMS has a lightweight and open design, comprised of two screens that are attached to a central base with a ridgid central panel …
  • KwickScreen Air

    Light, thin and flexible, the KwickScreen Air is our unique fixed-to-wall option for stationary privacy that doesn’t sacrifice flexibility. With a simplified, lighter frame the Air can be used in even the most confined zones to …
  • Hospital-grade air purifier by Rensair

    The Rensair air purifier destroys viruses and bacteria while most conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap. The patented solution uses the most advanced purification technology, but what makes the difference is it’s unique composition: 1 Rensair …
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