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  • Aviapartner

    European Ground Handling Services for Airports

    Aviapartner is one of the leading independent providers of ground handling services across 37 airports in 6 European countries. Since 1949 one of the leading European independent providers of ground handling services. Across 37 airports …

    Ground Handling Equipment Training Solutions

    RTITB is a specialist in the following areas of aviation training;  ground handling/ramp equipment, airfield operations equipment, winter operations equipment and surface transport training. Our training standards are designed to change behaviour and make a measureable …
  • Airport Associates

    Independant Ground Handling Service Company in Iceland

    Airport Associates is the only independant ground handling service company, with headquarters at Keflavik Airport, Iceland. The company operates from its offices in the terminal building and the cargo terminal which is located next to …
  • LEKAB Communication Systems

    Communications Solutions for Handling Disruptions in Your Crew Staffing & Ground Handling and Incident Management Communication

    LEKAB’s Communication Solutions let airports and airlines quickly communicate with staff, both on duty and on standby, and effectively handle incidents that can occur. LEKAB provides solutions and services which enable companies to streamline, improve, and …
  • Avtura Ltd.

    Software Management Solutions & Consultancy for Airport Ground Handling Operations

    AVTURA is an independent provider of technical airport software management solutions and Consultancy for airport ground handling operations. AVTURA Software Solutions utilise the latest mobile technology using communications devices. AVTURA products provide assistance to airlines, airports …
  • PDC Aviation

    IT for Optimization of Airport Resources and Operational Performance

    PDC Aviation has more than 30 years’ experience in development and implementation of software for optimizing utilization of airport resources and operational performance. We deliver advanced planning solutions that optimize business processes using a combination of …
  • Damarel Systems International Limited

    Airport Passenger and Ground Handling Automation Solutions

    Damarel’s suite of products provide advanced passenger and ground handling automation solutions for airports, airlines, ground handlers and systems integrators, optimising processes, improving the passenger experience and reducing overheads. Damarel focus on a core of critical …
  • Oceania Aviation

    Ground Handling Services & Supply, Maintain & Manufacture Ground Handling Equipment

    Oceania Aviation is an Australian owned Ground Handling Services Company. We provide professional, efficient ground handling services to  leading airlines and supply, maintain & manufacture innovative ground handling equipment. Oceania Aviation first commenced ground handling operations …
  • dBD Communications and Management Consultancy Limited

    Wireless Pushback, De-Icing, Maintenance, Airside Headset Systems, ATC Communications, Components and Subsystems

    dBD Communications  formed in 2002 to support the RF & Microwave markets throughout Europe. Experienced in Military, Rail, Avionics and Commercial Communications, utilising RF & Microwave capability we are now expanding into the international market …
  • dnata

    Air Services Providers for Ground Handling, Cargo Services, Travel and In-flight Catering

    dnata are the 4th largest combined air services providers for ground handling, cargo services, travel and in-flight catering in the world with over 20,000 employees in 74 airports across the globe. Our ground handling expansion started …


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  • Minerva Air

    Providing wireless communication, the Minerva Air system allows for freedom of movement during wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks without being restricted.  The Minerva Air system is our highly versatile wireless pushback system addressing technical …
  • Minerva Ajax

    The Minerva Ajax system, similar to Minerva Air, has been developed to operate in higher noise environments, as utilising the mouth shield reduces the effect of background noise. The specialised mouth piece comes on a quick …
  • Airport Baggage Trailers

    Our ever popular range of airport baggage trailers come in various open and closed models as well as numerous footprint dimensions depending on customer requirements. Tough and durable, all of our airport baggage trailers are manufactured …
  • Endaxi

    The Endaxi system has been designed to support Ground Handling companies with the ability to reduce no fault founds (NFF’s) at the users facilities. dBD Communications recognises the importance of equipment readiness and this system …

    Appreciating the importance of operational readiness within the air industry, this multi-user system was designed to incorporate wireless duplex communications between the Flight Deck, Ramp and Gate in order to reduce the duration of turnaround …
  • Trelleborg M² (Premium)

    Trelleborg M² (Premium) Tires

    Discover the unique features and benefits of the Trelleborg M². Trelleborg M² resilient tires feature the Pit Stop Line wear indicator. The Pit Stop Line ensures that users get maximum whole-life value from their choice of …
  • No-Transfer Aircraft Security Label

    Tamper evident labels are the best choice for use on aircraft doors when planes are parked or in storage. As well as being used on inflight catering carts, inspection panels, duty free packages, boxes and …
  • Passenger Guidance Trolley

    Our passenger guidance trolley allows ground handling staff to quickly and easily erect a temporary barrier to guide passengers towards the aircraft doors and prevent them from accessing restricted area’s underneath the wings. All of our …
  • Aircraft Wheel Skate

    Our aircraft wheel skate is designed to assist ground handling staff in moving aircraft wheels in and out of cargo holds safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of personal injury and ensuring compliance with cargo …
  • Towable Passenger Stairs

    Our towable passenger stairs are suitable for use with a range of aircraft including B737 and A320 models. Simple, strong and reliable this range of stairs are the perfect solution for quick and easy embarking and …


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  • London City Airport

    London City Airport is owned by a consortium, made up of AIMCo, OMERS, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Wren House Infrastructure Management. Careers London City Airport is one of the largest private sector employment sites in the …
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