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  • Inflatable Industrial Workshops

    Inflatable hangars used as production buildings of plants and factories, welding and industrial workshops are a single mobile solution for providing support, repair, assembly of equipment and production of products at the place of operation. …
  • Inflatable Aircraft hangar

    Inflatable hangars are indispensable in the development of new territories, thanks to unsurpassed mobility and versatility. Our company has been developing inflatable structures since 1999 and has wide experience in the manufacture and operation of …
  • Inflatable Aircraft Hangar

    Hangars faster and cheaper Delivery from 30 days and no need of construction permits. Large portable hangars that extend and speed up your operational capabilities, leaving no environmental footprint. Benefits Focus on your job and let us take …
  • Temporary inflatable hangars and structures

    BUILDAIR hangars can be used to cover any vehicle or aircraft in a safe, comfortable, flexible and economic way. From the smallest private aviation jets or helicopters, to the largest commercial aircrafts, including military vehicles, satellites, …
  • Extension tail out box

    Quick, flexible and reliable solution to extend your hangar or to fit the tail of a plane SPANTECH can design a tailormade steel structure on wheels with the following properties: Insulated connection to existing building Structure …
  • Inflatable Hangar Equipment

    Equipment for inflatable hangars The experts of our company have wide experience in designing engineering equipment for inflatable hangars and will help in choosing the optimal systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire fighting, etc. Heating, ventilation …
  • Wide body aircraft hangars

    SPANTECH designs, manufactures and installs structures that span up to 115 m, suitable to store wide body aircraft such as the A350, B777, B787. According to the on-site requirements, the following structures can be used: Grand …
  • Narrow body aircraft hangars

    SPANTECH can provide several types of fast and mobile solutions to house narrow bodies such as A220, A320, B737 or the Bombardier CS300. According to the on-site needs, the following structures can be used: Polygonal …


1-4 of 4 results
  • Aviatech

    Inflatable Hangars for Any Challenge

    Aviatech inflatable aircraft hangars are deployed directly to the surface without foundation, classifying them as temporary facilities. Building permits are left behind as well as hefty rental fees associated with renting traditional facilities at airports. …

    Development and Manufacture of All-Season Top-End Tent Structures and Mobile Inflatable Hangars

    ANGARSTROY  is engaged in the development and manufacture of all-season top-end tent structures and mobile inflatable hangars. Our pre-fabricated hangars make it possible to solve a wide range of challenges in construction of buildings under harsh …

    Large Portable Inflatable Structures And Hangars for Airports

    Buildair inflatable structural solutions - Your ideal solution: BUILDAIR design, manufacture, install and maintain large size inflatable structures for aeronautical and industrial applications. BUILDAIR manages the complete lifecycle of the product: not only the supply (including engineering …
  • Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

    Aircraft Hangar Doors For Tough Environments With Extremely Large Openings

    Aircraft Hangar Doors by Gandhi Automations are designed for tough environment with extremely large openings. Aircraft hangar doors are available in two form fabric hoist-up doors and Sliding doors. Both offer remarkable advantages for versatility and …
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