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  • Lighting Vehicle

    NAFFCO Lighting Vehicle offers immediate illumination of the emergency sight. NAFFCO Lighting Vehicle carries a metal halide/LED lamps that are powered by the on-board generator. By lighting up the emergency scene it enables firefighting and rescue …
  • Airport Signage Vehicle

    With our LED Variable Message Signs mounted on the vehicles we provide additional safety because the vehicles are visible from a long distance and this will increase safety level at hazard areas. We offer a …
  • Ambulance

    NAFFCO manufactures and supplies ambulances for the airports, hospitals and emergency clinics across the globe. We are the leading ambulance provider as we produce mobile ambulances that meet the American Standard (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917) and …
  • Airport Runway Friction Testing Equipment (NFT2000

    Measure to Protect your Runway with Naffco Friction tester, a one-wheeled friction measuring trailer device pulled by a vehicle. It is designated a CFME (Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment). This is a unique measuring technology, which ensures …
  • Mass Casualty Vehicles

    For Airports NAFFCO has introduced a mass causality vehicle which is capable to handle the mass causality or emergency with ease by providing bulk supply of oxygen, stretcher, and other medical facility to save lives. It …
  • Fire Fighting Vehicles

    For airport firefighters NAFFCO provides a complete range of vehicles able to carry large amounts of foam, dry powder, and water. The chassis are provided with safety futures as spark arresters and engine shut off …
  • Rescue and Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)

    NAFFCO Rescue and Rapid Intervention Vehicles are specifically designed for the operation and command.
  • Fire Rescue Stairs (FRS)

    The Naffco Fire Rescue Stairs (NFRS) has been developed for rapid emergency evacuation of aircraft passengers and offers: Serving Boeing 737 up to Airbus A 380 Ease of use High drive stability and Robustness Safe …
  • Aviation Inflatable Hangar

    NAFFCO Aviation Inflatable Hangar is made of fabric to withstand extreme weather conditions and suitable for wide applications. Benefits: No basement and site preparation Temporary facility Easily relocatable Modular and customizable Low construction and maintenance costs …
  • Mobile Command Post Vehicle

    NAFFCO manufactures and supplies Mobile Command Post Vehicles as per the latest standards and IT equipment for ease of communication from the incident site. It is made on desired Truck, Bus or Van chassis with an …
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