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  • Sovam

    Ground Support Equipment for Airports

    Since years 60s, SOVAM has established its know-how and is considered as one of the must-have player on the G.S.E stage, providing Ground Support Equipment for Airports. SOVAM is producing high quality G.S.E answering to …


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  • Towable Passenger Stairs

    Our towable passenger stairs are suitable for use with a range of aircraft including B737 and A320 models. Simple, strong and reliable this range of stairs are the perfect solution for quick and easy embarking and …
  • Escape-Chair® VOLT

    This model has been especially designed to provide you with powered battery support for evacuating or rescuing people both down or up the stairs of the terminal. The Escape-Chair® VOLT is powered by battery and has an easy to …
  • Escape-Carry Chair® CF

    Just like the Escape-Chair®, the Escape-Carry Chair® is equipped with glidebelt cassettes which allow evacuation over the stairs. In addition to this the Escape-Carry Chair® has a carrying bracket and carrying handles which makes it also …
  • Escape-Chair® ST-B

    This Escape-Chair® is most suitable for helping you to meet your minimum legal requirement (General Emergency Evacuation Plan – UK) for your (public) terminal or when you have budgetary constraints. This model has basic features only, …
  • Escape-Chair® CF

    This Escape-Chair® is designed especially for people who have a higher risk mobility issue and for wheelchair users (PRM’s). The armrests give the occupant a feeling of safety during the evacuation and can be used to …
  • Escape-Mattress® FOLD

    The Escape-Mattress® Fold is an evacuation mattress that can be folded double. This makes it easy to move and store. Once unfolded this evacuation mattress is immediately ready to use. This mattress can be stored both …
  • SURFACE DISINFECTION DEVICE - Safety Band - Handrail Cleaner

    Hygiene and equipment maintenance speak volumes about any retail / commercial facility. If properly cared for, escalators convey an air of class and positive association with the facilities overall image, not to mention the benefits …
  • AIR STERILIZATION DEVICE - Safety Air Platinum

    The device vanishes pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in the ambient air by generating negative ion and ozone (O3) It kills viruses, fungi, could and spores in the air pollen, ethylene agents provides a sterilized atmosphere …
  • Stairmate SA-S Powered Stair Climber

    The Stairclimber is an easy to use, portable wheelchair lift designed to attach under most manual wheelchairs. It is easy to use, easy to pack away and easy to store. This makes it one of …
  • CD7-2 Evac Trac Evacuation Chair

    Ideally suited for emergency situations; Fire evacuation and lift breakdown are circumstances where the CD7 Evac Trac can be an essential piece of equipment. With increased amounts of lift break downs occurring and the advice …


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  • Mallaghan Engineering Limited

    Airport Ground Support Equipment Manufacturers

    Mallaghan is one of the fastest-growing Airport Ground Support Equipment manufacturers worldwide, producing a vast range of highly acclaimed products to a global network of customers. Mallaghan is proud to provide best-in-class products that meet the …
  • Airside Airport Equipment Thorough Examination Ltd.

    Airport Ground Support Equipment

    Airside Airport Equipment Thorough Examination Ltd. is a privately owned company and was formed by GSE industry professionals who had previously worked in companies such as Edgehill, ADE-HML Ltd, DAHMS, Norquip etc presenting over 100 years …
  • Metaltech Engineering Ltd

    Airport Ground Support Equipment

    Metaltech Engineering design and manufacture a range of airport ground support equipment including passenger stairs and ramps, baggage trailers, passenger guidance trolleys and aircraft wheel transport systems. All of our products are designed to be robust …

    Airport GSE & TERMINAL Equipment

    Ground Support Equipments & Terminal Equipments for the Aircraft Industry – Cool Dollies, Electric Tractors, Container Dollies, Baggage Dollies, Pallet dollies, Racks, Baggage trolleys, Conveyors, Tractors, Stepladders, Lightings PINON-AEROTEC is a subsidiary of PINON founded in …
  • TEC Huenert GmbH

    Emergency Evacuation Airstair System (EEAS)

    Rescuestair Systems EEAS TEC Hünert's main field of activity is the development and manufacturing of airport ground support equipment with over 30 years experience. The range of products comprises all kinds of ground support equipment. From …
  • HiSERV

    Smart GSE

    Since 2017 HiSERV has changed the GSE market through outstanding quality, great flexibility and a fair and transparent price. We manage a young and modern fleet of more than 4,000 units. With short-term rental, pay-per-use …
  • TEC Huenert GmbH

    Passenger Stairs, Escalator Stairs, Service Vehicles, Mover

    TEC Hünert engages in the development, engineering and manufacturing of Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE). For more than 30 years TEC Hünert has been a reliable partner of virtually all major German airports. Through constantly expanding …
  • TBD Owen Holland Ltd

    Ground Support Services & Equipment

    TBD is a highly respected Ground Support Equipment manufacturer and provider of Specialist Access Solutions to the aerospace and defence sectors. The facility in Wales (UK) employs a team of more than 100 engineers and highly …

    Used & Overhauled GSE - Catering Highloader / PRM Lift / MockUp Trainer / Apron Bus

    ATLAS AVIA is a specialist in Ground Support Equipment. For more than 25 years we have been selling all kinds of used & overhauled GSE to airports and ground handling companies around the world. The main …
  • mefro Metallwarenfabrik

    Wheels & Rims Manufacturer for Ground Support Equipment

    Wheel manufacturer founded 1946, family owned, with global activities in manufacturing and distribution of wheels for various applications including standard and tailor-made solutions for ground support equipment. Main focus is the supply to the OEM industry …


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